Conferences and meetings

For all your conferences and meetings needing fresh, compelling and edgy content! Symbiota discloses ground-breaking findings on the brain. Understand how to have the edge on your competitors. All Symbiota’s talks provide the stimulus for renewed thinking and offer simple, effective tools for optimising performance.

Topics are decided with the clients and could include:

  • Reimagine and Rewire
  • Corporate Chemistry – do you have what it takes?
  • Create a Trust Revolution
  • ‘Heads up’ on Emotional and Social Wisdom
  • Taking the High Road to increase the Bottom Line
  • Resilience – navigating teams while in personal turmoil
  • Navigating organisations through unprecedented change while in personal turmoil
  • ‘Brain- to -Brain’ Service
  • Raising awareness of the Sales Hi-Jack
  • Goal setting with the brain in mind
  • Brain-Savvy Sales: out-behave the competition
  • One foot on the Gas and the other on the Brake: Emotional Regulation Strategies
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Conference Talks Symbiota’s key note addresses or talks inspire while activating change in the audience mindset. The topics are customised around client’s needs.

Lunch Hour Brain Power These sessions at your premises offer a bite-sized Brain-savvy morsel for immediate ‘digestion’ and application back at work.