Executive, Team and Business Coaching

Approach and Philosophy

Symbiota’s coaching promotes results-focus and self direction. The programmes coach high achievers to optimise energy, focus and personal renewal.


Symbiota’s Coaches are accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF) with extensive experience in their own right in corporate and leadership roles.

They have had exposure to multiple learning methodologies and possess a deep understanding of different paradigms and tools. They each possess a powerful ability to engage on a professional and personal level

Context Alignment The Coaching Process is aligned with business, wellness and leadership development outcomes.


  • Facilitating a safe yet challenging session
  • Building and leveraging individual capabilities
  • Growing self-awareness, emotional regulation and eliciting insight
  • Working toward identified outcomes around measurable business results

The focus often includes:

  • Transitioning into new leadership roles
  • Life-work balance
  • Turning a team around
  • Rejuvenation of organisation
  • Simply facilitating a successful individual’s journey to the next level.
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