Connecting you to ‘hot off the press’ findings in the emerging field of NeuroLeadership. Neuroscience has opened up a new realm for those in business, drawing insightful questions and answers.

How do managers lead change, while maintaining their own resilience?

Can the brain show us why some employees in the same working environment seek challenges, learn and take positive risks, while others just don’t?

Can total transparency in the workplace improve performance?

What is the future of Human Resource Management?

Symbiota’s Workshops bring a fresh and relevant perspective to the world of work.

For the first time in history CEO’S are paying attention to growing talent. CEB Interviewed top CEO’S and discussed at the NeuroLeadership Summit: 73% of CEO’S stated that leaders need to be more collaborative and adaptive, but only 25% of leaders are actually seen to be doing that. Boards of Directors are discussing leadership talent development. Investor Communities want to know about the quality of talent. While growing talent is of huge concern, interestingly only 13% of companies are paying attention to how we learn. For the first time in the history of economic development, corporate success is now about collective capabilities of talent, collaboration and social development. This means there is a different way to think about work.



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