The Symbiota Team

SYMBIOTA, true to the root name ‘Symbiosis’, facilitates mutually beneficial partnerships between clients and their teams, facilitators and groups and enjoys meaningful affiliations with highly credible associates globally.

Similarly, Symbiota’s programme designers and facilitators pull together current science with contemporary learning and practical work-place application.



Lynn Andriés


About Lynn Andriés

Managing Symbiota Leadership Development, Lynn Andriés brings experience of twenty seven years in senior and board positions in both corporate and entrepreneurial roles. Lynn is the first South African to earn the Masters in the Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University, the only formal academic Masters for leadership development professionals in this emerging field. She is also an internationally accredited Coach and holds a Post Graduate Certificate in NeuroLeadership.

Lynn co-founded The Consultant Powerhouse (PTY) Ltd, which was recognised for innovative and sustainable professional development programmes in 2003 and in 2004.

Symbiota’s NeuroLeadership articles have appeared in The Star, The Mercury and The Argus.

She challenges South Africa to start a ‘Trust Revolution





Tracy Nickloes

Non-Executive Director

About Trace Nickloes

Trace Nickloes is an experienced business leader whose core strengths encapsulate strategic and operational management with international exposure covering executive level responsibility for turn-around, growth and regeneration of organizations. Trace’s current MBA (Leadership & Sustainability) studies through the University of Cumbria, UK, at Robert Kennedy College, Zürich, builds on his B.Comm Degree and Diploma in Marketing. He shares with Symbiota his insight and his holistic approach to business, adding value to Symbiota Leadership Institute in every situation.





The diverse national team of seasoned commercial and training professionals have successfully partnered with Blue Chip Organisations over the last 27 years. Brain-based training augments their respected experience and accreditation in fields including commerce, science, humanities and education.

Everyone grows mutually with every intervention.



Our highly passionate and engaged team provides logistical management on all projects. Please contact us for any enquiries.

Symbiota’s reach:

  • South Africa
  • Africa
  • Abroad


Natalie Holloway holds a BA in Corporate Communications and provides passionate and focused administrative and logistical support on projects.







Symbiota works closely with Rory Park-Ross (BST Certified Advanced Technologist in ‘Neurobalance’) and Penny Park-Ross to offer clients a comprehensive approach to maximising Engagement, Authentic Leadership and Wellness in organisations.

Trauma, anxiety, depression, bipolar, sleep, executive and sport performance can be addressed through providing fully comprehensive and sustainable brain optimisation opportunities for their Clients.