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“What an awesome workshop! Thank you for the incredible Leadership workshops you have developed. These have added immense value through the carefully thought-out and well-researched process that has been created. The sessions have increased our frequency of thinking, and will certainly ensure that we create positive and measurable change within our organization. I would recommend this programme to cutting edge organisations who would like to create an accountable and authentic leadership culture.” - Head of Sales Training and Development, Financial Services
 Every organisation should be on this Programme. We have been so privileged, as the Leadership team, to have been exposed to and gone through the ground breaking Titanium Trust Leadership Development Program. This is a unique program that hits at the core of the real leadership challenges…I feel ever so confident about leading, and leading differently.

This program is particularly unique in that it has increased my understanding of how our brains work, and how I can use this knowledge towards taking appropriate steps to being an authentic inspirational leader.

I have learned about being more self-aware, being able to emotionally regulate myself, about being socially wise and being able to define goals for myself that are measurable, inspiring, stretching and specific. I am more in tune to collaborate and remove those silos, to trust and create trusting environments. My understanding of change and managing change has been vastly improved.

I will not hesitate to recommend this program to any organisation that is serious about growth, about creating authentic and trusting working environment, and about developing leaders for now and for the future.”

- Former HR Director

“Thank you for your part in bringing closer unity. I found your programme stimulating, thought provoking and rewarding.” - Director of Studies, Education

“The Process allowed me and my team members to grow. I have started trusting the team to execute a greater number of functions…Thank you for addressing my team as well; they are far more engaged and able to emotionally regulate, dealing with issues themselves in both their personal and work lives.” - Delegate, Chief Operations Officer Programme, Banking

“I have overcome a particularly difficult and unexpected situation within the team during our weeks together. I was able to self-reflect, experience the pain, re-appraise and determine a route forward which proved very successful.” - Customer Care Centre Manager transitioning to Leadership – Banking
“The Neuroscience of Leadership is fascinating and compelling.” - Card Division, Banking