About Symbiota

In an ever changing and demanding society subject to accelerated technology and fluctuating economies,  leaders who can engage their teams, build trust and promote innovation are central to the success of any organisation.

At Symbiota we facilitate learning to propel leaders and teams forward in an unprecedented way.

Delegates are moved to their own insights and adopt the new thinking to overcome current challenges. Symbiota aims at tangible and sustainable workplace application.

How can we help?

Symbiota’s facilitated programmes build the social and emotional circuitry for Employee Engagement, Accountability and Goal-orientation – Foundations for life and work. The programmes are facilitated through a proven scientific approach rooted in Neuroscience and social cognitive fields, aimed at building a renewed culture of engagement, trust, innovation and buy-in from all. The result is increased profitability and retention of talent.

The programmes offered by Symbiota are customised to harmoniously amend and/or enhance your current organisational philosophy and process.


Symbiota’s reach:

  • South Africa
  • Africa
  • International
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Benefits of Symbiota's Training



The diverse national team of seasoned commercial and training professionals have successfully partnered with Blue Chip Organisations over the last 27 years. The cutting edge and compelling nature of incorporating the brain into all learning builds on this strong experience. As a result, an unprecedented advantage is unlocked for companies.

Client Support

Our highly passionate and engaged team provides logistical management on all projects. Please contact us for any enquiries

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